"ONE OF THE YEAR'S BEST FILMS! A symphony of action and images, a thrilling epic! One of the most wondrous films I ever hope to see... It is a film for all ages!"

-Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"The fluid and superbly detailed animation is awesome, emotionally powerful, and unbelievably beautiful. I was particularly enchanted by the tiny, ghostlike head-clicking tree spirits. Stunning!."

-Susan Granger, SSG Networks

"The top grossing film of all-time in Japan is "Titanic." The runner up is a film you've probably never heard of, "Princess Mononoke." It's a highly praised animated feature from one of Japan's master of the genre, Hayao Miyazaki. Now reaching these shores, "Princess Mononoke" arrives on a tidal wave of hype, all of it deserved. The director, Miyazaki, has had enormous influence on American animators who revere his every release. "Princess Mononoke" is an animation milestone. Let yourself be amazed."

- Jeff Craig, Sixty Second Preview

"Few films achieve even an inkling of the profound and magnificent sort of magic with which "Princess Mononoke" seems to overflow. I walk away from this film thinking, "what have I just seen?" Then I am inextricably drawn back to be enchanted again by Miyazaki's spell."

- Robyn Miller, Co-Creator of Myst and Riven