The Official Princess Mononoke Forest WebRing

Explore — or join — the struggle between the good Kodama tree spirits and the demons of destruction. Use the buttons above to navigate the Forest WebRing or view a list of sites to see how the real-world Forest and its beasts are faring in their struggle against encroaching civilization.

Join the Official Princess Mononoke Forest WebRing

Help quell the evil demons by submitting your site to the Forest WebRing, adding force to the Kodamas' powers. Whether your site champions environmentalism, animal rights, or another related topic, you can give the Kodama tree spirits life and roots in the real world of URLs through your participation.

Submissions to the Forest WebRing are monitored by a Ringmaster, to keep them on point and topical. Please be patient; the Ringmaster will work as quickly as possible to get you linked into the WebRing. We invite noncommercial sites. When your site is selected for inclusion, you will receive an Official Princess Mononoke WebRings Control Panel to place on your site, bringing your site the luck of the healthy tree-spirit.


Anime fans and film lovers have their own WebRing too!

Click here to see the Official Princess Mononoke Film WebRing of Miyazaki fan sites, anime, Mononoke fan sites and more. If your site is strictly related to the film itself you should request to join the Film WebRing.


To submit your site for inclusion in the Forest WebRing or the Film WebRing please follow the steps below:

  1. Submit your site using the form.
  2. You will receive an on-screen message confirming that your submission was received.
  3. Your site will be reviewed by Ringmaster.
  4. You will be notified by E-mail if your site is selected. In that message you will receive the HTML code of the Official Princess Mononoke WebRings Control Panel.
  5. Insert the WebRings Control Panel code on your web site. Simply copy and paste the HTML code onto your homepage (or another relevant place on your site).
  6. After you have inserted the Control Panel, please E-mail the Princess Mononoke Ringmaster and say you are ready to be included in the WebRing. Be sure to include the web address where you placed the Control Panel.
  7. The Ringmaster will check your web site again and post it to the appropriate WebRing (either the Forest WebRing, or the Film WebRing).
  8. If you want to change the name, URL or description of your site as it appears in the WebRing, or if you would like your site removed from the WebRing, you must write to with your request.
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Attention Ringmasters!

The Official Princess Mononoke Forest and Film WebRing communities seek Ringmasters to enable these rings to become self-monitored. If you would like to be Ringmaster, send an E-mail and tell us why you qualify. Ringmasters selected will receive two free tickets to a current Miramax film, as well as a link to their site from this Princess Mononoke film site.
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