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Primeval Forest jpg 45k


Iron Town City with Wall jpg 42k


Forest Leaves jpg 98k


Forest Path jpg 118k


Lady Eboshi and the Troops jpg 44k


Night Walker with Kodama jpg 41k


Forest God jpg 38k


Monk with Lady Eboshi in the Background jpg 34k


Group of Kodama jpg 44k


Lady Eboshi jpg 37k


Ashitaka and Yakul Leaping jpg 36k


Mononoke and Moro the Wolf Mother jpg 46k


Old Woman Oracle jpg 46k


Ashitaka and Moro the Wolf Mother jpg 31k


Demon Boar jpg 95k


Lady Eboshi and Mononoke Sword Fight jpg 39k


Iron Town Houses on the Hill jpg 34k


Golden Coin jpg 38k


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Lady Eboshi: "...we cut the trees and dig for iron..." .wav 48k
Iron Town Man 1: "...that's what made the boar angry..." .wav 74k
Iron Town Man 2: "She's not afraid of the gods..." .wav 26k
Iron Town Man 3: "...Eboshi wants to rule the world..." .wav 43k
Iron Town Man 4: "... revenge on Lady Eboshi...".wave 95k
Monk: "...Look! It's happening." .wav 167k
Monk: "...He's a brainless ...god of death..." .wav 66k
Music of the Forest God  .wav 112k
Ashitaka: "...there was this golden creature...".wav 103k
Iron Town hammering sounds  .wav 281k
Monk: "So you say you're under a curse...". wav 172
Monk: "...To enter there is certain death..." .wav 103k
Iron Town Man 5: "...there's thousands of them." .wav 26k
Iron Town Man 6: "....Sir, I think we should turn around now." .wav 56k
Lady Eboshi: "...if it's me you want, here I am!' .wav 47k
Ashitaka: "What I want is...to live in peace." .wav 42k
Moro: "My...daughter is neither human nor wolf" .wav 71k
Princess Mononoke: "...I hate him! I hate all humans" . wav 70k
Old Woman Seer: "...hatred that consumed his flesh..." .wav 69k
Old Woman Seer: "There is evil at work in the land..." .wav 104k
Moro: "The trees cry out as they are dying..." .wav 173k
Old Woman Seer: "Oh nameless god of rage and hate..." .wav 61k
Mad Boar: "Disgusting little creatures..." .wav 145k
Ashitaka: "... This is what hatred does..." .wav 147k
Overture music from the movie .wav 160k


To download these video files, click the right mouse button on top of the link you wish to save (Mac users hold the button down) and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Gun Sprouting Leaves .mov 285k
When the Forest Has Been Cleared .mov 493k
Nightwalker Morphing .mov 332k
Hooves Turning to Leaves .mov 296k
Forest God Turning and Walking Away .mov 61k
Ashitaka and Mononoke Sword Fighting .mov 254k
Mononoke, "I'm not afraid to die." .mov 159k
Mononoke Scaling the Wall .mov 132k
Ashitaka Chased by Demon Boar God .mov 57k
Boar Screaming .mov 79k
Lady Eboshi, " This is how you kill a god..." .mov 156k


A Bestiary and Glossary

The Rampaging Boar-God is turned into a demon monster by anger and agony. Shot by Lady Eboshi, killer of trees, he carries with him a mortal curse.

Emishi:  An ancient, primitive Japanese tribe, long thought vanished.  The Emishi proudly maintained their independence from the Japanese Emperor for a long time, but were finally defeated by the first Shogun at the end of the 8th century.  Today little is known about them.

The Great Forest Spirit:  He is the primary god of the forest, the very life force, who has the power to give life and take it away.  Grass grows and flowers bloom wherever his hooves touch down.

Kodama are tree spirits of various shapes and sizes who appear only in the dim light of the forest. Tree spirits inhabit many Japanese folk tales although Miyazaki's depiction of them as little white being is totally original. The sign of a good and healthy forest to some,  they may frighten more timid souls. 

Lord Okkoto:  The only remaining boar-god, although fiercely angry at humans, who will listen to reason.

Moro:  The Wolf God and queen of the forest; also the adopted mother of the human girl, San.

Princess Mononoke,  also known as San, is a human girl raised as a wolf princess by Moro. Mononoke literally means "spirit."

The night transforms the Great Forest Spirit into The Nightwalker , a shimmering, illusory creature.

The Tatara:  A clan of ironworkers struggling to survive at the edge of the forest; their leader is Lady Eboshi, who is at once compassionate towards her people and merciless towards the beasts of the forest. In the Tatara iron-making process, iron sands and charcoal are put in a furnace made of clay and burned for several days, making an iron ingot.  Much charcoal is needed to melt the iron sands; which is why trees are a very important resource for the Tatara.

Yakul:  a mysterious, loyal, and noble red elk who accompanies Ashitaka on his journey.

Visions of Mononoke

      Princess Mononoke

      The quivering string of a fully drawn bow
      Your heart astir in the moonlight
      Your beautiful face seen from the side
      Unforgiving as the edge
      Of a just-sharpened sword

      Those who know your true heart
      Hidden in grief and anger
      Only the spirits
      Only the spirits of the forest

      The Legend of Ashitaka

      A legend is a wind that moves unseen
      As if passing through a sea of grass.

      In rough mountain lodges where life is harsh
      The villagers' voices yet whisper a story
      Of the youth Ashitaka from the borderlands,
      A story not written in history books.

      Ashitaka the gallant, Ashitaka the brave
      Who never once thought to turn from his fate.
      Ashitaka who loved the people. 
      Ashitaka who loved the forest.
      Ashitaka who saw with his eyes clear and bright.

      Again and again to their children
      The villagers tell this tale.
      Again and again they tell them,
      Children, live like Ashitaka.

      Lady Eboshi

      Your heart of steel so fearless.
      Your will so fierce.
      So kind are you to the weak,
      Yet merciless to your enemies.

      Your neck so white,
      Your arms so slender,
      Your strength so great!

      Your chosen path you follow, without doubt or hesitation.
      Earning your followers' adoration.

      Far off into the distance you stare.
      Is what you see with those eyes the future?
      Or do they gaze on some past hell?


      Great noble animal
      Last remnant of a dying breed
      Your legs do not fear steep slopes
      You run like a bird in flight.

      My old, dear friend
      You loyal, simple being.
      Your fur is soft and smooth
      Your glance is warm and watchful.
      Let us run together to the ends of the earth!


      You appeared in the dim light of the forest
      Or so I thought
      For no sooner had my ears taken in
      Your rattling queer laugh
      Then I glimpsed you again
      Now closer
      Walking by my feet.

      Or have you really been smiled there all the while
      Out in the darkness beyond?

      If I beckon, you turn bashful and run away.
      If I pretend not to notice, you cling to my knees.
      Little children
      Your forest is a place of wonders.

           by Hayao Miyazaki

      The poems translated from the Japanese were written by
      Hayao Miyazaki to communicate his vision of the film to Jo Hisaishi, who composed the music for The Princess Mononoke.

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